by Simon Spurrier

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Have you ever felt like we're all just numbers, being watched over by the great cosmic accountant? Welcome to the world of Numbercruncher. In this genre-mashup graphic novel (the creator describes it as a "metaphysical black-comedy romantic crime noir thriller"), genius Richard Thyme dies young, but not before figuring out the mathematical secret of the universe. He uses his knowledge to make a deal to be reincarnated--with his memories intact--and get more time with his true love. Our narrator, Bastard Zane, is the Karmic Agent tasked with collecting on his contract. His motivation--Thyme will take Zane's place in the numbers machine the next time he dies. Too bad for Zane--Thyme finds a way to game the system, and what follows is a time jumping adventure that takes some great twists. Unique, interesting, and I liked the use of color. Extras include an interview with the author and illustrator, a look at the coloring process, early character sketches and alternate covers. For any fan of science fiction graphic novels.

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