by Rachel Ward

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Jem is a teenager with an unusual ability.  She can look into someone’s eyes and see the date they will die.  Jem doesn’t like to look at people.  It’s too difficult to know how long they will live.

Jem has always been an outsider with a difficult life.  Jem’s mother died of a drug overdose and Jem has been shuttled from one foster home to another over the years.  She lives in fear of her gift and the secret she is burdened with.

After years of loneliness, Jem finds a friend.  She begins a friendship with an awkward boy called Spider.  One day, Jem and Spider visit the London Eye, a tourist attraction in their home city.  Jem realizes that everyone around her has the same death date and the death date is that day.  In a panic, Jem pulls Spider away from the London Eye and runs for safety, just before a huge terrorist bombing strikes the London Eye.  Jem and Spider were spotted running away just before the attack, so they are now suspected terrorists.

Num8ers is a thriller and adventure with a psychic twist and a little romance thrown in.  The combination creates an intriguing story. 

Num8ers is the first in a series.  More excitement awaits in the sequels.

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