by Courtney Summers

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Sloane woke up planning to die that day. Her sister forgot about their plan to run away from their abusive father together, and has left Sloane alone with him. Sloane sees no better option than the pills she's counting on. Then the zombies attack. Suddenly, Sloane is fighting to live, even if she's still not entirely sure that's what she wants. She makes it to the local high school with 5 other teens, each with their own stories of survival. Barricaded against the threat of death outside, they must learn to work together to figure out what to do next if they're going to make it. Yes, this is a zombie novel, but it's as much about the characters and their interactions and choices as it is about the living dead. Read it to find out if the girl who woke up wanting to die decides to keep fighting to live.

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