by Mindy McGinnis

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Not a Drop to Drink is a story of survival in a world without water. Lynn and her mom spend most of their time on the roof on their old farmhouse, defending their pond with shotguns. Coyotes, other animals, and humans after the valuable water supply receive the same treatment: a gunshot from either Lynn or her mom, hopefully one that kills the predator instantly.

Lynn's entire life is focused only on purifying and defending her water supply until the day she and her mom see smoke to the South. Smoke means people, and people mean a direct threat.

Enter another group of people, from the East. They are struggling, and Lynn possesses the knowledge and skills it will take for them to survive. But Lynn is intent on self-preservation at all costs, an intention that may also cost her the only thing that could make her life bearable: love. All the while the smoke continues to billow from the South....

Recommended for high schoolers looking for a gritty, hopeless dystopian novel.

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