by John Corey Whaley

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16 year old Travis is dying of leukemia so his family makes the shocking decision to cut off his head and freeze it in case technology can someday bring him back. He's not ready to go but he's tired. He's leaving behind his parents, his best friend Kyle and worst of all, his first love Cate. But hey, you only live twice right? Now it’s five years later and he's back in some body that’s more muscular and hot than his old one.  The problem? Everyone has moved on. Kyle’s in college, Cate is engaged to someone else, his parents have secrets, and horror of horrors, he’s back in high school.  Whaley does an amazing job of exploring how hard it is to come back after only 5 years have elapsed and how hard it is to recapture what you had. Can he get his old life back?  Should he even want to?

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