by Cormac McCarthy

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No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy, on which the 2007 Joel and Ethan Coen movie is based, is a thrilling story that tugs at philosophical questions.

Llewelyn Moss, a Vietnam veteran and welder, haphazardly finds a few million dollars cash in the Texas dessert while hunting. Having found the money near pickups full of heroine, guns, and recently killed men, Moss reluctantly takes the cash. Knowing that someone will come looking for the millions of dollars, Moss (and his young wife Carla Jean), begin to run from both the law (Sheriff Ed Tom Bell) and the hit men hired to retrieve the money (assassins Anton Chigurh and Carson Wells).

The story weaves themes of free will, omniscience, and morality, as the seemingly-invincible sociopath Chigurh hunts down Moss.

The book is easy to read and understand, but the themes are thick and therefore a hearty read. Parts are very violent and therefore may not be suited for some. Some interesting things to pay attention to: the characters that are Vietnam veterans, the balance (or imbalance) of good and evil, the idea that society is nearing its end.

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