by Audrey Niffenegger

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I wanted to give this at least an two-star rating, but I can't. As an avid reader and librarian, there are many elements of the story that I find appealing and intriguing, but ultimately it fails for me on two counts. First, I don't particularly like Niffenegger's artistic style. For me, that really makes or breaks a graphic novel. It's a personal preference and totally subjective, but none-the-less factors into my enjoyment of the book. Second (and I won't give away enough to be considered a spoiler), I cannot condone, endorse, or find any enjoyment out of one of the significant messages this story puts forward. Others may be able to get past these two points, but I can't.

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I loved this book, the drawings and its darkness.

One of the great things about graphic novels is that there's enough variety for everyone.

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