by Nigella Lawson

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Like many modern mommies, I rely on my Pinterest boards and phone apps for dinner recipes, especially around the holidays.  The mobile access is critical since I often find myself determining my grocery list while at the grocery store, and clearly would not be lugging six cookbooks with me while shopping!  So this weekend I was again at Whole Foods, again scrambling on my mobile, again trying to find a recipe--one that I'd remembered seeing in a cookbook, but was having a hard time pulling up since I could not recall the particulars.  How I wished I could just have the book with me at the store.... And here it dawned on me: check out the an eBook. Ah HA!

So I did, and the experience was brilliant.  I checked out Nigellissima, which did not have a wait list.  I loved the fact that I could bookmark and hyperlink.  I loved that the ingredients lists, pictures, and methods were all perfectly readable.  And I especially loved the recipes themselves!  They are simple, making for great weeknight suppers, and many can be easily expanded to feed larger numbers (Eggs in Purgatory, for example.)  I will be checking it out again to revisit the Italian Inspired Christmas section.

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I love Nigella! The food is good, and the way she writes about the food is priceless!

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