by Molly Harper

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Jane Jameson is not having a great week, she just got fired from her job as the local children's librarian and all she got for her severance was a gift certificate to the only chain restaurant in town. So here she is drinking away her pain with electric lemonades, but she meets a great guy, but he doesn't seem to be into her THAT way. Little does she know her week is about to get worse. On the way home that night (she sobered up btw) her car breaks down, and then she gets mistaken for a deer and well... When Jane wakes up at first she's relieved it must have all been a dream. It wasn't and now she's woken to a nightmare, you see Jane died and now she's a vampire. Her life being turned upside down has its benefits for us though, this was a very funny paranormal romance with vampires and werewolves and a little bit of murder and mayhem. Fun reading!

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