by Grant Morrison

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Grant Morrison is a legendary writer in modern comic books. Along with his contemporaries, Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, Morrison is credited as being one of the key creators responsible for causing American comic books to "grow up." His seminal work on Animal Man and Doom Patrol, pushed the boundaries of comic books to new sophisticated heights. Morrison is well know for his mind-bending creator-owned work as well as his many contributions to DC comics' mainstream cannon of superheroes.

With New X-Men, Morrison turns his furtive imagination to one of Marvel Comic's flagship superhero titles. Over the course of 41 individual comics, Morrison brings his unique vision to the famous team of mutants, breaking new and exciting ground but still staying true to the core of the characters. The omnibus edition collects the entire run in an impressively large hardcover. By reading the entire run at once, you can witness a master story-teller laying the foundation of his story, planting his cleaver little seeds, and reaping the fruit of the exciting pay-offs. 

And if nothing else, the omnibus edition is so large and heavy that it can squash even the most hearty of bugs, which (to paraphrase Neil Gaiman) is the textbook definition of fine literature. 

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