by Michael Ende

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If you've seen the movie, forget it, the movie missed the point entirely. This was not some sweet sappy story for kids full of adventure and magic, with a happy pat ending: boy saves the day. This is a heavy hitting novel about self-discovery, honesty, wishing versus doing, the power of stories and the magic of believing in yourself. There are some aspects that are lacking today's political correctness but overall this is a book to be read over and over and over again.

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Thank you for reviewing this great book; it is up there as one of my all time favorites! And in the edition I read there are different colors of print, some words are in red font, some green and a little in black print: symbolic of whose voice in the story is being expressed.

Also, I think one main theme in the book is our concept of time & how we constantly struggle to find more of it & hold onto it, instead of just being in the moment. An amazing story & I encourage everyone to read it.

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