by Michael Buckley

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NERDS is pure fun.  It’s full of spy action mixed with hilarious comedy.

Jackson Jones is one of the most popular athletes in his elementary school until he gets a horrendous set of braces and headgear.  Suddenly, he’s no longer cool.  After Jackson loses his popularity, he starts spending his time watching and spying on his classmates.  He notices some very unusual things about the nerds in his class.  More than once, as if on cue, the nerds all sneeze at the same time and walk out of the classroom.  Jackson follows them when they disappear into a locker and suddenly Jackson is in the spy lab of NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society.  His awful braces are turned into an amazing spy gadget and Jackson reluctantly becomes one of the NERDS.  The NERDS need to get over their bitterness about popular vs. nerdy.  They have to work together to save the world.

The characters in NERDS are all in fifth grade.  I really wish the story was set in the seventh or eighth grade.  This is a fun book for middle school, but the characters’ grade limits the books audience.  I hope some older readers look past the grade and read this fun book.

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