by Elle Cosimano

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Nearly Boswell is a high school senior currently in the running for a very competitive chemistry scholarship. And we hope she gets it, because for Nearly there frankly aren't any other options for getting out of her trailer park and away from her hopeless surroundings.

Nearly has few friends and occupies her free time by reading the Missed Connections section of her local newspaper, where years ago she found a message she believes her father sent to her shortly after leaving their home for good.

Things change drastically the day that one of Nearly's classmates is almost murdered, and Nearly finds a riddle in the Missed Connections section that seems to be linked to incident. Nearly's suspicions are confirmed soon enough, when a classmate she tutors is found dead just as a second Missed Connections riddle describes.

Readers looking for a cerebral murder mystery with a splash of romance and a bit of magic will find this a perfectly satisfactory read.

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