by Clare Vanderpool

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A new book written by Newberry winning author Clare Vanderpool.  It's 1945 and Jack's mother dies before his father returns home from war.  Jack's father decides to have him move from Kansas to Maine to attend a boarding school near the base where Jack's father is stationed.  At his new school, Jake meets Early an odd student who almost never attends classes, is obsessed with the numbers of pi and listens to a different singer each day of the week.  There's a rumor of a great black bear near the Appalachian Trail not far from school.  During a school break Jack follows Early as he goes hunting for the great black bear and the lost school hero called The Fish.  The Fish went to war and never returned. Join Early and Jack on their quest and find out what they discover.

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This book was really good. Why don't u make a second one

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