by Jane (Jane Alice) Kelley

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Megan is stuck in VT with her artist parents for the summer. She'd rather be home in NYC, or with her best friend, Lucy, who is in MA for the summer. Here, there is no internet, no cell phone reception, and no TV. There IS mandatory art time every morning and a lot of sulking on Megan's part. The last straw is when she is sent on a hike with her sister and her boyfriend, who really don't want Megan around. Megan lags behind and finds herself lost in the woods. When she notices a blue blaze on a tree, she realizes that she must be on the Appalachian Trail. She knows that the trail goes all the way from Maine to Georgia,which means if she keeps following it, it will lead her to MA and Lucy. With little dog Arp for company, Megan sets out on the trail and learns to fend for herself in the wilderness with a lot of help from people she meets on the way. Megan learns to rely on herself, and what it is to be responsible for another, and these are the best lessons of the book.

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