by M. K. Hobson

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Emily Edwards is a single women living in 1876 California, she is trying to take care of her father the only way she knows how, with witchcraft. Spells and potions that she sells to her neighbors, but the problem is, there’s a big wig wizard from the east coast (Dreadnought Stanton, isn't that an excellent name!?) and mail-order sales are cutting into her business. So, Emily turns to magic as a last resort, she’s going to make the richest man in town fall in love with her, so they can get married and she will always be able to take care of her ailing father. Though as often happens when love and magic are combined catastrophe strikes, Emily’s spell goes haywire and she ends up with a magic sucking stone in her hand. Now the only person who can help her is Dreadnought, oh also there’s zombies! :D These are great weird western, romancey, steampunk-y delightful reads!

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