by Tony Perrottet

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This nonfiction book explores the seamy side of history, covering topics from Napoleon's stolen penis to Casanova's pick-up lines.  Packed with historical facts and tongue-in-cheek humor, this book will keep you laughing.  Sex isn't the only thing that Tony Perrottet covers, though; look for chapters like "Those Dastardly Robber Barons" and "Last Dinner on the Titanic".  Was Cleopatra really so beautiful?  Did anyone really ever wear chastity belts?  What were condoms made of before there were latex? Tons of anecdotes, complete with citations for your fact-checking pleasure.  Want some new conversation topics for your Christmas party?  This is the place to find them.  You'll laugh out loud, and learn more about historical sex scandals than you probably wanted to know.  

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