by Patrick (Patrick J) Rothfuss

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Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss OH MY GOD this is the best fantasy that I have EVER read I have read it twice in a year. The new one is not out yet but one day it shall arrive and that day shall be like the day the sun first shown down upon the face of the Earth. I can’t tell you how much you should read this book, you just have to read it and find out how sad you would have been had you not ever read it.


So, did you like it?

Loved this book and the second in the series. What other books do you recommend that are written in the same style?

Phew, that's a good question, Rothfuss is sort of in a league all of his own, but I would say some good read alikes would be Joe Abercrombie, Carol Berg,... I also really liked the Vineart War series by Laura Anne Gilman. Scott Lynch's The Gentleman Bastards series is really good as well... And one last one Brandon Sanderson, particularly his Mistborn books but pretty much anything by him.

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