by David Sedaris

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This collection of stories by David Sedaris, about his own life, has the wry, yet hilarious tone that characterize this author's work. Starting with his childhood OCD, continuing on to familial drama like where Yaya is going to live and his attempt to run away and dying his hair with shoe polish, and ending with a finale of a visit to a nudist resort.

It's an amusing enough read for anyone, but I think the main draw of reading about the life of an author about whom most readers won't know very much will be for those who have also experienced any of the variety of topics he touches on from his life. Whether it's the feeling unappreciated and wanting to run away most people feel as children, or giving in to illogical urges to flip the light switch just a couple more times to be sure, or something as deep as losing a parent - if a reader finds him or herself connecting with the experience of the author, they will also find themselves being judged by the dry, sarcastic and hysterical perspective Sedaris uses on himself and regardless of how the situation you connected with felt at the time it happened, you will find yourself laughing out loud to hear it from a different person. 


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