by Charles De Lint

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John tries to figure out the mystery of Grace after meeting her and she literally vanishes into thin air. In this book, I enjoyed the characters because they are flawed and real, even though this is considered a fantasy book. Most of the characters have suffered from some sort of loss and because of that you were rooting for them when they felt hopeful.  

Although parts of the plots were a bit slow, but necessary because of the needed background story. As for the ending some will hate it and some will love it, but it made sense because of the theme of the unknown in book. 

I enjoyed the cultural references because they book is set in the Southwest, so the Hispanic culture is prevalent in the book because of Grace and her relationship with her abuelo. And this a fantasy book, so it does give enough information about how real world and the other worlds can be connected. And it speaks strongly of faith, whether they believe is God and saints, music, and hot rods; it was keeps that person going day to day in what can be a mundane world. 

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