by Jennifer McMahon

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Maggie can't go back to her former life, where she was popular and smart and normal. She can't get a do over on the accident that killed her mother, the one she thinks she caused, and can't make her scarred leg healthy again. She can't make her father understand that she's now a freak with no friends. When Maggie meets Dahlia, she leaves her old life behind completely to immerse herself in Dahlia's eccentric family--her little brother who thinks he's a wizard, her mother, who takes them on shoplifting trips to the mall, and Dahlia herself, who constructs elaborate fantasies for them to escape into. But you can't live in a fantasy world full time, and Maggie soon realizes that Dahlia's family is out of control, and Maggie being in love with Dahlia will not make everything better. Join Maggie as she grows up and comes to terms with what it means to be responsible, to be in love, and to let go.

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