by Elizabeth Smart

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Elizabeth Smart herself narrated her book that she wrote about the worst nine months of her life.  At the age of fourteen she was kidnapped by a man that considered himself a "profit from the Lord" and held her hostage (with he and his first wife), just two miles away from her home, in an isolated camp up in the mountains.  She went through all the unpleasant and hard to believe experiences she went through in the nine months she was gone away from her family.  All she could do on a daily basis was think of her family and how hopefully she will be rescued.  The "Profit of the Lord" did not allow her to talk about her family because she was now his "second wife" and that life is in the past.  He threatened to kill all her family if she were to try to escape so therefore she had to obey what he and his wife said. 

Was Elizabeth Smart able to put this experience behind her?  What is she doing in life today?  All of these answers are found within her book. 


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