by P. G. (Pelham Grenville) Wodehouse

Reviewer Rating:


This was my first foray into the world of aristocratic layabout Bertie Wooster and his impeccable manservant, Jeeves, and I have to say it was a poor choice. Why? Jeeves and Wooster themselves cannot be blamed for the missing stars in this book’s rating. They are first-rate characters and I found their witty dialog and the silly situations in which they often find themselves to be quite charming. I have to take this a step further and declare that Jeeves in particular is laugh-out-loud hilarious. No, the missing stars in the rating come from the stories that make up the other half the book: early, Jeeves-less tales that feature a sort of proto-Wooster main character. They simply cannot compare to the Jeeves and Wooster stories. My appetite is whetted, however, and I fully expect to adore the other books in this classic series. While this collection will be necessary for the Wodehouse completist, I have it on good authority that The Code of the Woosters is a much better starting point for beginners like myself.


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