by Lauren Bjorkman

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Roz's sister and best friend Eva isn't talking to her. Roz isn't sure why--does it have something to do with Roz wanting Eva's boyfriend, Bryan? What about the fight that Roz had with her cheerleading friend Carmen? What about that lead role in Shakespeare's As You Like It that they're both competing for? Roz begins to suspect that Eva is actually a lesbian, but can't get her to talk about it, so amidst all the other personal and theater drama in her life, she decides to come out herself and see if THAT will get Eva talking. What follows is a Shakespearean insult and drama-geek filled ride as Roz's invented life and real life spiral out of control and collide with everyone she touches. This book will make you feel like part of the theater crowd, and keep you wondering about everyone's secrets.

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