by Erin Dionne

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Moxie is looking forward to the Perfect Summer when a knock on her door changes everything.  A mysterious woman threatens to hurt Moxie on behalf of one of Boston's most notorious gangsters...unless Moxie's grandfather agrees to hand over the loot he supposedly has hidden for decades.

The problems?  Where to start...Moxie's grandfather has Alzheimer's and now lives in a rest home, far removed from any criminal activity.  The mysterious woman is now following Moxie and threatening her mom and grandmother too.  And then, as soon as Moxie starts to investigate, she realizes that the loot she is looking for is from the most famous art heist in Boston's history.

Armed with her best friend Ollie and a geometry proof, Moxie sets out to unravel one of Boston's most perplexing cases.  This fun summer mystery will keep you guessing right up to the end!

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