by Emmy Laybourne

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What happens when a group of teenagers is left to survive the effects of an earthquake in Colorado?  Emmy Laybourne writes this realistic take on a natural disaster with unnatural chemical side effects.  Monument 14 takes place in the next decade, when a major earthquake in the United States causes a chemical spill at NORAD in Denver, Colorado.  The chemical is being tested and produced as a device of chemical warfare, and affects people of different blood types in different ways.  For the lucky few, this means the inability to reproduce, but for others it means paranoia, severe blisters, or rage that leads to an inability to suppress the desire to attack other people.  A group of fourteen students ranging from the age of five to seventeen find themselves stranded alone in a supermarket in Monument, Colorado, trying to survive assaults from the outside world.  Laybourne depicts a believable portrait of the emotional reactions of these students to the disaster, along with what they decide to do in the face of this huge dilemma.         

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