by Daniel B. Smith

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In this psychological memoir, journalist Daniel Smith tells the story of his ongoing struggle with a nearly crippling anxiety disorder. I didn't much care for the book, not because I was uncomfortable with Smith's cavalier description of the statutory rape that triggered his anxiety (although I was, a bit). My problem with the book is that I grew weary of the author's descriptions of the cyclical, destructive patterns of behavior that rule his existence. His descriptions of physical self-abuse and the other consequences of his condition are too repetitive to be moving and are, in the end, exhausting for the reader. Although I see value in this type of memoir to let others who suffer from the same condition know they are not alone, it just didn't stand out for me as a good autobiography or a complete examination of the disorder. I'd direct readers looking for a better understanding of the condition to Scott Stossel's memoir, My Age of Anxiety.


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