by Steven Kellogg

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This is the story of a little girl who loses her mitten while playing in the snow with her friends.  She and her dog, Oscar, search everywhere for the mitten but can't seem to find it.  Can you figure out where the mitten might be?

There are questions interspersed throughout this book that encourage discussion and thought between the reader and the read-ee (or just the reader, if you or your child is reading this solo).  The reader is encouraged to consider all of the winter weather activities he/she might do and where he/she could potentially lose a mitten.

The ending of the story is particularly heartwarming, and although it is short, there are interesting pictures and lots of chances to participate.

While I found the story to be cute, I felt that more could have been done to augment the storyline.

I would recommend this book to an ECE or early elementary reader, particularly one who might be prone to losing articles of clothing as they play.  A great reading choice to encourage dialogic reading and narrative skills.

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