by Barbara Bottner

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I love picture books! And Miss Brooks loves books is no exception. You can pick up a copy in ebook or regular book form so if you have a preference, this book has you covered either way. The pictures are what really makes this book pop. They are colorful and unforgettable. Miss Brooks hair is absolutely amazing and really captures her eccentricities. I love the plot of the story. As adults we can at least suspect where the story is going, but younger kids might find themselves surprised, especially if they agree with the child in the book. It's got great vocabulary words for kids that are just getting their start in reading. 

Miss Brooks is the type of librarian I think we all wish we had growing up. Her love of all books is the perfect remedy for any picky child who doesn't like to read because the books are too boring, or exciting, or not about dragons, or whatever the case may be. She, like this book has something for everyone, and will not give up on everyone's love of reading.

This book reminds us of a very important lesson, believing in others and a little determination can go a long way. The ending of this book will only succeed in making you want to pick up another one. It's practically the embodiment of the joy of reading and I would be hard pressed to find anyone who can finish this book without a smile on their face.  

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