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This documentary broke my heart. It’s about the displacement of animals during the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. It’s also about the rescue and adoption of stray pets and inevitable custody battles between the new owners and evacuated owners from New Orleans. It has heart wrenching footage of the evacuation and conditions animals were forced to be left in because they we’re not allowed in evacuation busses, planes, or shelters. As hard of a documentary it was to watch it called upon a very important question of the meaning of family. It also showed the hard work volunteers did in rescuing the animals and finding new homes for those in need. It did end on a significant note that now animals are considered family in evacuation procedures and will not be forced to be left behind. All that being said I cried almost all the way through the documentary and have a heavy heart when thinking about it, but the feel subject matter is important and worth watching for pet owners or anyone researching the effects of Hurricane Katrina. 

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