by Carolyn Crane

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Carolyn Crane's "Mind Games" was certainly interesting, it had a unique approach to urban fantasy but to me it was just so terribly flawed. Very odd male/female relationships, I couldn't tell if this was on purpose or not, I'll have to read the next one to find out. Justine, who's name threw me every time it was used, I was like "wait who's Justine?!", is a severe hypochondriac. She's just sure she is going to keel over and die like her mother did of an star vein aneurysm.  The most terrifying aspect of this disease is there is no procedure to test for it, just one day your head tingles and boom you bleed out. Anyway Justine is approached by a shadowy organization to turn her fears into a weapon. Packard, the shadowy figurehead of this organization, teaches Justine all about how to turn her phobia into a powerful tool for good... or does he. There is some random sexual shenanigans and some very leading plot points but all in all it was a decent read.

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