by Kiersten White

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Fia and Annie are sisters trapped in a secret school for girls with extraordinary gifts.  Fia has perfect instincts; her choices are always right.  Always.  Annie is blind, but sees visions in her head.  Which then come true.  With these superhuman abilities, why would Fia and Annie stay in the school that exploits them as spies and assassins?  Because if one leaves, the other will be killed.  So they have no choice but to stay, and do precisely what the director asks of them.

But when Fia is sent out for her third assassination, she finds she cannot kill her target.  Because of this, both she and Annie have to find a way to run for their lives.  Yet how can they run when the director's teachers see their plans as soon as they are conceived?  And how can they leave without unraveling the past that got them there in the first place?  The more they remember, the more they realize the tangled web they are a part of.  But is the director at the center of it?  Or is the other sister?

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