by Ben. 1964- Aaronovitch

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Peter Grant is just about to become a cop, he's been slogging it out for two years and his assignment is going to be handed down, he can't wait to hit the streets and make a difference... Turns out the Met thinks it would be best if he made a difference by doing paperwork... but Peter also just met a ghost and it's going to change his life.

Great urban fantasy, interesting new characters, good set up with plenty of wiggle room, great take on magic, well written, easy to read, fun stuff... There was definitely some things I didn't get because I'm not a Brit, but I can't wait to get my hands on the next Aaronovitch, I think this is someone whose works I would read indiscriminately, like if I found out he wrote a book on the history of rice in cereal, I'd be like "Sweet, I bet it's awesome!"

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