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Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet has a penchant for creating hazy and imaginatively detailed worlds focused on the adventures of outsiders, and such is the case in his film Micmacs . The French title for Micmacs literally translates to "non-stop shenanigans," which is a surprisingly appropriate title for this lighthearted revenge film. The main character Bazil experiences life-threatening misfortune at the hands of weapons manufacturers and is assisted by a group of charming eccentrics in getting even.

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I enjoyed watching the movie Mic Macs. The sense of whimsy is pervasive throughout the movie. Although the dialogue is in french, the expressions and intonations of the actors tell you everything you need to know. The dialogue is minimal, and english subtitles are present. Try it out!!

I agree! I actually did not notice the lack of dialogue, but that is true. The whimsical and imaginative visuals really carry the story rather than the script!

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