by M. K Hume

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The first of a trilogy, this book looks at the beginnings of the Merlin legends by examining his family and childhood. Myrddion (Merlin) is the product of a disturbingly brutal rape that leaves his mother broken for the rest of her life. The story examines Myrddion’s life as he is raised by his grandmother and apprenticed to a local healer, dealing with the mental loss of his mother and the absence of a father . As he continues to grow in his craft, he learns the dangers of being a healer in a time of war.

This story is amazing well researched and written, involving many battle and strategic war scenes. If you enjoy historical fiction and are interested in Merlin’s beginning, it would be a good book to try. A word of warning however, it is an extremely brutal and violent book, both in scenes of war and carnage as well as scenes of sexual assault and rape.

Don’t read this expecting to get the whole of the Arthurian legends and Merlin’s involvement; it is just a piece of a larger storyline which Hume continues in her next two novels, Death of an Empire and Hunting with Gods.

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