by Drew Karpyshyn

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This book is a pretty good read, and great for anyone who has questions after playing the first mass effect game. I think they go great together. But it's definitely a good stand alone novel as well if you aren't the video game type.

Revelation has all the components of a solid science fiction novel. Fantastical technology that we are at least decades away from creating. This novel takes place in a post apocalyptic world where alien races and humans have begun the task of cohabitation. As I'm sure you have begun to imagine, all the conflicts you can imagine take place or are at least starting to come to a head. 

I feel that the strength of this series, both the book and the game, is that they pay attention to detail and explain why almost everything happens. If you are not looking for a very detailed read, you might want to skip this series. It's slower paced, but I think the environment becomes more vivid in exchange.  Every major character has a rich back story and when the act or react to things, the reader is not often shocked. What becomes important is outcomes. Who wins and who loses so to speak. With this fact in mind, I would describe the book as character oriented with an emphasis on events that happen in the novel. 

Some audience might be upset that the famed commander Shepard is not the protagonist of this sequel, but if you are looking for some explanation about events that happened before the first game, this is the book you want to read. 

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