by Kevin J. Anderson

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If you like H.G. Wells, you will enjoy Kevin J. Anderson's book The Martian War.  Real and fictional characters come together in the novel to create an enthralling, exciting adventure.  Percival Lowell, a man obsessed with Mars and the race he believes inhabits it, recruits Dr. Moreau to help him in his race to send a message to the Martians that there is intelligent life on Earth.  Together, they are the first people to welcome a Martian who lands on Earth.  Meanwhile, T.H. Huxley, Dr. Griffin, H.G. Wells, Dr. Cavor, and others are working together in England in a secret facility to create new defenses against international threats of war.  Doctor Moreau is a wanted man in England, but when he interrupts the scientists' work to tell them about the aliens who will invade soon, the scientists are forced, through an unbelievable series of events, to believe him and work together against the otherworldly invasion.  With alternating chapters between H.G. Wells's and Dr. Moreau's perspectives, the book is fast-paced and well worth reading.

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