by John Lewis


Unbelievably, Congressman John Lewis (Georgia) was not awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his work in the Civil Rights Movement until 2011. In March, book one of a planned trilogy, I learned about Congressman Lewis' life as a young boy in Alabama and his families migration North. He also provides an overview of the violence fueling the urgency for action, and his life-changing meeting with Martin Luther King, Jr. The graphic art took me back in time depicting the faces of hatred by those who wanted segregation, and the faces of determination by activists seeking change. Congressman Lewis mentions several people during the course of his story including Coreen Harvey, a librarian in his town. He writes, "I loved going to the library. It was the first times I ever saw Black newspapers and magazines..." Often people speak about the Civil Rights Movement as if it were so long ago, but my interpretation of  recent events in America make me realize the movement is ongoing and needed.

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