by Gilbert Hernandez

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Uhm, confession: I am not a reader of graphic novels, aside from Blankets (Thompson), so I have little to compare this to. Therefore, please accept this review as a bit ill-informed. Nonetheless, here goes:

I did like the story. I was glad it was semi-autobiographical, which kept my interest and made me less critical as a reader. I developed an appreciation for suburban life in California in the 1960s and a genuine fondness for Huey, writer and actor of Captain America fan fiction plays and voracious reader of comics.

That said, Marble Season bills itself as a coming-of-age story, but I failed to see the 'coming' part. I heard the big question, "Am I a good person?" that many of us begin mulling over at age 12. But I felt let down by the lack of a clear answer.

Still, the story itself held together and the graphic representation clearly added to its telling.

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I really enjoyed Gilbert's autobiographical story. He was definitely smitten with comics early on and fortunately for us, his love affair with graphic arts didn't go away. Viva Los Bros Hernandez!

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