by Colleen Catherine Mondor

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Some made mistakes. Some made bad decisions. And some crashed in seemingly sound airplanes on what looked like perfect days. Mondor spent time working as a dispatcher for a small company in Alaska that would fly just about anything--schoolkids, dead bodies, food and medical supplies, and everything in between. The pilots she worked with were all there for different reasons, some of them running away from problems in the lower 48, some of them for the love of the challenge of flying under such harsh conditions every day. Mondor made friends with many of the pilots, and saw many of them lost, and here she shares her stories and theirs. She interweaves her own stories with historical accounts of flying in Alaska, which are equally intriguing. Read this book if you have an interest in aviation, Alaska, adventure, or just well written stories about a life that most of us will never experience.

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