by Dan Abrams

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Dan Abrams takes the battle of the sexes out of the barroom and off the playing field. Sweeping up the gauntlet for women, he backs up his claims with study, after study, after study. I picked this book up off the shelf mostly because the title cracked me up.  1. because it's got to be the longest book title I've ever seen and 2. well, because of the title.  Mr. Abrams is television host and legal commentator, author, and these days, co-anchors Nightline and is Chief Legal Affairs Anchor for ABC News.  So, this guy is no slouch.  He had read an article claiming women were better than men in certain professions.  Not seeing any data cited to back up the claim, he decided to do his own research.  What he found out surprised not only himself, but me, and probably everyone who's ever read the book.  Like the author, I don't need women or men to be better than the other.  I personally believe we have our own individual strengths and these should be highlighted and cherished.  [It would be such a perfect world, wouldn't it?] But, alas, we, as a species, have not raised ourselves collectively to this level of intelligence and appreciation.  Because of this, it's still kinda fun to make a few jabs when someone starts throwing around archaic stereotypes.

All kidding aside, this is the perfect book to hand to any man who not only thinks he's better than a woman (in general), but has the audacity to spout off about it to others, a misogynistic male - no strike that, it probably wouldn't do any good, or, more importantly, a woman or teenaged female that needs these facts pointed out to them so they can begin to look for their own self-worth. [That could be the longest sentence ever.] This is an intelligent, fun, fact-based presentation on an age-old argument who's outcome is still unsettled.

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