by Mary Pope Osborne

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 My son has been raving about these books for the last year and the cover of this one made me pick it up (I judged it by the cover) and I found this book to be a charming title for the young reader who is just getting into chapter books. There is enough action to hold the attention of the young child but at no time do the protagonists find themselves in mortal peril. Through the main characters, Jack and Annie, the author manages to underscore how important reading and writing are. The younger child, Annie is a strong female character as well and she is very concerned about animal rights.  The book includes a strong, mysterious ruler who we later learn is the Shah who had the Taj Mahal made. It was very touching to see the interaction between him and the kids.  I enjoyed the book and I now know why they are so popular with the 1st and 2nd grade set.

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