by Ilona Andrews

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This is the first in a series, while it is not the best it is worth a read before taking on the rest of the Ilona Andrews books as it will establish the world for you. This is a world post-catastrophe, we won't call it an apocalypse because life as we know it is basically going on, but some seriously bad stuff happened when magic came back to the world. And the magic continues to come and go like a hot flash, in this world technology doesn't work when the magic is up, but the magic comes and goes so much that you need to be prepared to live life in both worlds. Kate Daniels is a mercenary, that is part of a guild that is having management issues... No I know, a merc in a union that is being managed? But it works. There are some great characters and some very unique takes on urban fiction tropes. I really like the series...

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