by Sally Gardner

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Imagine what things would be like if the Nazis had won World War II.  This is the world of Maggot Moon.  The Motherland is ruling during the 1950s.  The land is bleak and brutal.  Standish Treadwell lives in this terrible place.  His parents have disappeared and he is living with his grandfather.  People who express dissent often disappear in the Motherland. 

The Motherland has a plan to prove its dominance in the world.  They will show that they have landed astronauts on the moon.  There’s a problem though, they can’t really get a spacecraft to the moon.  So, they create an elaborate hoax.  Behind a huge wall, the Motherland has created a set to look like the moon and they will film a fake moon landing.  This moon landing will be broadcast to the world to demonstrate the greatness of the Motherland.

I can’t say I enjoyed Maggot Moon.  This isn’t a book to enjoy.  It’s a book to evoke thoughts and feelings and it does just that. 


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