by Sally Gardner

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Standish Treadwell lives in zone 7 with his grandfather and other political outcasts. The motherland is very similar to what Nazi Germany was. The government is very controlling, and people are not allowed to be different in any way. Standish is dyslexic and deemed unintelligent by many at his school. He doesn’t have many friends until Hector Lush comes along. When Hector accidently discovers a government secret, he and his family are taken away from the Motherland. There are many brutal moments throughout the book. As if being a teenager isn’t hard enough, Standish is a teenager is a dystopic setting, and his only friend is taken from him. Standish is a very strong and brave character After he finds out what Hector knew, he alone has the power to expose the government and all of their lies.  The book was original and well-written, however it was very grim and dark. 

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