by Andrea Gibson

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Andrea Gibson was introduced to me in my college years. It was during one of those free events and when she recited her poetry, the room fell silent. So when I realized that she actually put out books of poetry, I was more than a little curious.

The only reason that this book does not get a coveted five star review is because of the format. Spoken word does not translate well into poetry, the only pieces in this book that popped off the page for me were ones I had heard her perform live. Spoken word is a powerful art form because of the poet breathing life into the words, and unless you have Andrea Gibson's voice in your head when you read these pieces, I feel that you are missing a component. The poems are beautiful and moving syntax alone, but on pieces that I hadn't heard performed I often found I had trouble imagining the rhythm. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who is familiar with Andrea Gibson's work or spoken word in general. It is a great refresher and has a lot of pieces I really enjoyed. It definitely does not read like a "traditional" collection of poetry and anyone who cracks this book expecting that will be disappointed. But if you like poetry where the words are laced with emotion and the flow is of the upmost important, it's a good read.


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