by Megan Shepherd

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Set in the late 1800s, The Madman's Daughter stretches the realm of possibility in unusual and disturbing ways.  Part wrenching love-story, part creepy sci-fi, and part mystery, this novel is appealing in a number of ways, and certainly a page turner!  Sixteen year old Juliette is left penniless and alone after her father vanishes and her mother dies.  Rumors of her father abound in London, where Juliette makes a meager living cleaning labs in the university where her father worked as a famed doctor before the scandal erupted about his demented experiments.  Unsure if her father is who she believes he is, or who they say he is, Juliette is left wondering until she runs into Montgomery, the servant boy and dear friend from her childhood.

Only Montgomery is no longer a boy, and the answers he may be able to reveal only lead to more questions, and take Juliette on an ocean voyage to a forgotten island where her father lives, where unrecognizable creatures roam, and where her love for Montgomery resurfaces in a new, richer way.  But one of the creatures on the island is a killer, and Juliette's search to uncover the wayward being forces her to first confront the unimaginable horrors of her father's lab, the frantic screams that pierce the night, and the unusual scar that lies hidden beneath her dress.

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