by Margaret Atwood

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What can I say? I love Margaret Atwood. It's been some time (2003) since Oryx and Crake, the first book in this trilogy, was released. I must say I was a bit fuzzy on all of the details of the first two books, which led to some confusion as I listened to this latest title. I wish I had had the time to revisit the two previous titles, but alas, too many other books await me. Despite a bit of confusion, MaddAddam was fabulous. Such an intelligent read! Her subtle sarcasm and tongue in cheek style of writing sci-fi may escape some readers, but my husband (who also read these books) and I have a deep appreciation for how she makes fun of modern society and extremist religion in this series. I laughed out loud at several parts. It's amazing how she can write such a serious book that takes you through a wide-range of emotions. 

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