by Sue Grafton

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This is one of my favorites, #13 in the alphabetical list of Sue Grafton novels.  Always cleverly crafted, with witty metaphor and vivid description, "M" is for Malice brings a warmth and tenderness not always found in a murder mystery.  I have enjoyed following the adventures of Private Investigator Kinsey Millhone, who is gutsy and daring, yet thoughtful, and shrewd, regardless of the challenges she faces.  In "M", she must deal not only with solving a dastardly crime, but with her own comfort level in relationships with friends and relatives.  

It is a real pleasure for me to relax and let someone else 'read me a story', so I thoroughly enjoyed this book in the Audio e-book format.  Mary Peiffer is consistently a great reader - I would enjoy and recommend anything she read!  She makes the characters come alive, even doing justice to the male voices. And she holds my attention whether in a restaurant setting or a gun fight.

It's a good idea to read Sue Grafton's alphabet series in order, but don't stop before you get to "M" is for Malice!

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