by Ingrid Thoft

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Meh,... uh let's see, this chick is supposed to be hard boiled or something but I found her to be ridiculous... Immature, angsty, slutty, uneven... The story was absurd... I have no idea how she has all these people that are so loyal to her; she's just a crappy person... Uhm, there were so many things going on I barely remember who dunnit, in fact I'm not sure that is ever really explicated because so much other drama unfolds at the climax that the author brushes off the actual murderer because the people behind the murderer were so much more important... I will not read anything by Thoft again.

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After reading your review, Emily, I'm surprised you gave the book 2 stars.

The writing itself was not bad, just everything else about it! :D

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